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A question about "Errata for the CYUSB3014-BZXI" | Cypress Semiconductor

A question about "Errata for the CYUSB3014-BZXI"

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The document "Errata for the CYUSB3014-BZXI" says FX3 sometimes can not enumerate with the USB host, and developer has to select other boot method. But I have not a valid Flash or EEPROM firmware. Cypress distributor told me that I can not get a FX3 DVK board until January 2012. So I develop a USB3014 test board by myself. Can someone provide me a Flash or EEPROM firmware, or can I still boot my board correctly with an empty Flash or EEPROM?

The flash and eeprom on my board is the same as FX3 DVK board.

Best regards.

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OK, I found an image file in the SDK directory.

Can I burn this image file into an EEPROM using external programmer and then install it onto my board? My EEPROM is 24LC256 (32kbytes) but this image file has a length of 128kbytes. Should I replace my EEPROM with 24C1024 (for example, AT24C1024) ?

I navigator this forum and found some useful topics.

1) If I boot my usb board from host, I have to install an external 32K crystal;

2) If I boot the usb board from host, my board may or may not work correctly. If my board can not work correctly because of silicon problem, replug my board may be a good choice;

3) If I boot from I2C and use the lastest SDK, the external 32K crystal can be omitted;

Are these descriptions right? 

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Main question is what "sometimes" means :

1) does it mean that on certain type of PC USB controller, it will never wok and on on another type it will always work ?

2) or does it mean that on whatever PC USB controller, it will "sometimes" fail and at what typical frequency : for example, 1 every 10 boots, 1 every 100 boots, etc ?

3) does it depends on board environment, etc ?



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