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"Programming Succeeded" error? | Cypress Semiconductor

"Programming Succeeded" error?

Summary: 3 Replies, Latest post by Shanthakumar on 21 Nov 2013 11:07 PM PST
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Made modifications to my descriptor setup to add additional frame descriptor per instruction by Cypress.

Thing is that when attempting to load the image in the USB Control Center, I get the message "Programming Succeeded" but the device doesn't come up. Back out the change, things work.

Has anyone else had this error and if so, how was it resolved?


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The programming of the device is successful but the device failed to enumerate, possible issue with the FX3 firmware.



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Hi, have you solved your problem? How did you solve it?

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The problem should be in the descriptors only.

After adding one more frame descriptor, Check whether you have done the following.

1.Have you increased the size of the "configuration descriptor" ?

2.Have you increased the size of the "Class-specific video streaming input header descriptor" ?

3.Have you incremented the "FrameDescriptor follows" bit in the "format descriptor" ?







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