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Profiling enabled build of the FX3 libraries - available ? | Cypress Semiconductor

Profiling enabled build of the FX3 libraries - available ?

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Working through the book "SuperSpeed Device - Design by Example", at the Ch.4 Example 7 there is mention of hooks from Cypress in regard with threads/semaphores/etc.. indicating when changes occurs, so that the Engineer can monitor with a Logic Analyzer on GPIO pins such sequences, in Real-Time.

There is a phrase in the book at pg.87: "At my request, Cypress have added an RTOS kernel hook that informs us when it starts up a new thread and when this thread suspends". Looking in the ProfileDebug's makefile of the Example 7, there is a line there that calls the gcc compiler, with parameters pointing to "...\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware/u3p_firmware/lib/fx3_profile_debug/cyu3lpp.a" (and others like that).

However, in my full-install of the FX3 SDK, in the ...firmware/u3p_firmware/lib/ folder there are just two variants of those libs: fx3_debug and fx3_release; no sign of the fx3_profile_debug !!.

From where can I get those "Profiling enabled" build of the FX3 libraries, please ?

Thank you.

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Hi Dragos,

Could you please download the latest version of the FX3 SDK v1.3.3 from the following link:

​In this SDK, you can find  fx3_profile_debug. 






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I run into an issue to create a profiling enabled build of my firmware.
Linking the fx3 profiling library is not enough as the ThreadX structures have a different definition when profiling is enabled.

Make sure that CYU3P_PROFILE_EN preprocessor symbol is defined in your project.


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