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Problems with Jtag

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I have the FX3 DVK Device Board and I has install the FX3Sdkv1. So long everything is fine, I be able to compile the example projects and download it to the board with the "Control Center". But now I want to use Breakpoints and so on and thats why I bought a yellow j-link Adatpter and follow the instructions under " 11.FX3 Development Tools". But when I want to debug, the debugger never reach a Brekpoint. The ProgrammCounter will always hang at memory 0xf0000048. Has anybody a idea? Maybe i only have wrong configuration? 




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Yellow? Is that a Segger JTAG debugger?  Mine is black.

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The yellow J-Link works very well. Did you set up the GDB commands correctly in eclipse? Or did you try to attach to a running FX3? There are deifferent setups. Did you allow the J-Link software to act as server and not blocked by the firewall?

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Hi and thanks for your answers.

I set the GDB up how it is described in the FX3 Programmers Manual. Set the GDB debugger to arm-none-eabi-gdb.exe and add the following to the command section:

set prompt (arm-gdb)

# This connects to a target via netsiliconLibRemote

# listening for commands on this PC's tcp port 2331

target remote localhost:2331

monitor speed 1000

monitor endian little

set endian little

monitor reset

# Set the processor to SVC mode

monitor reg cpsr =0xd3

# Disable all interrupts

monitor memU32 0xFFFFF014 =0xFFFFFFFF

# Enable the TCMs

monitor memU32 0x40000000 =0xE3A00015

monitor memU32 0x40000004 =0xEE090F31

monitor memU32 0x40000008 =0xE240024F

monitor memU32 0x4000000C =0xEE090F11

# Change the FX3 SYSCLK setting based on

# input clock frequency. Update with


# correct value from list below.

# Clock input is 19.2 MHz: Value = 0x00080015

# Clock input is 26.0 MHz: Value = 0x00080010

# Clock input is 38.4 MHz: Value = 0x00080115

# Clock input is 52.0 MHz: Value = 0x00080110

monitor memU32 0xE0052000 = 0x00080015

# Add a delay to let the clock stabilize.

monitor sleep 1000

set $pc =0x40000000




In the debug-console is a warning, maybe this is the problem:

Regards Muffel

&"info threads\n"
&"warning: RMT ERROR : failed to get remote thread list.\n"
~"* 1 Thread <main> 0xf0000048 in ?? ()\n"


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I have the problem solved. Simply deinstalled the SEGGER J-Link Arm V4.41d and install the SEGGER J-Link Arm V4.36K and everything works fine.

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Hi muffel,

do you have several threads and can you debug them on task level? I have two threds but in the debug window it only shows me one thread.



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