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Problems about FX3 configure FPGA | Cypress Semiconductor

Problems about FX3 configure FPGA

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I have read the application notes AN84868 -- Configuring an FPGA Over USB Using Cypress EZ-USB FX3. I also referred to the Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA Configuration User Guide. Over the FPGA, there are mode pins M[1:0] used to select certain mode to configure FPGA. For example, M[1:0] = 11 indicates slave serial mode. However, in the application notes AN84868, there is not a discussion about M[1:0]. How should I set M[1:0], follow the Xilinx Configuration guide or just ignore?


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Hi  Zoe,

You can either select the M0 and M1 pins either both ON, or both OFF. It does not matter in this application. So basically you can ignore these switches.



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