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Problem Driver BulkloopAuto example | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem Driver BulkloopAuto example

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I builded with eclipse the example and create the image.

when I download the image in the FX3 the USB control center say that Programming failed, but in the device manager disapears the Cypress EZ-USB FX3 BootLoader device and apper an unknown device so I try to use the same driver as before but appers an error with code 10 in the driver (this device cannot start.) and the error remain also if I try to modify the driver as describe in the C:\Cypress\Cypress SuperSpeed USBSuite Beta1\driver\CyUSB.pdf with the new vendor id.

I'm working over a windows 7 64bit.

Any one have the same problem or know how to solve?


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Have you got the device vendor and product ID in all the sections mentioned in the CyUSB.pdf.

You could try changing the product id in the cyfxbulklpdscr.c descriptor file from 0xF0 to 0xF3. That way the device will enumerate as the Cypress Bootloader and from your description the driver for this loads correctly. If the device enumerates okay then you know the problem is in the inf file. If not then it looks like a firmware or programming problem.


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