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Problem about CyU3PUsbSetLinkPowerState | Cypress Semiconductor

Problem about CyU3PUsbSetLinkPowerState

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  When Fx3 works in U1 state,I use CyU3PUsbSetLinkPowerState(parameter:CyU3PUsbLPM_U0) for the transition "U1->U0",and then check the state through "CyU3PUsbGetLinkPowerState". but sometimes I found the result of "CyU3PUsbGetLinkPowerState" is CyU3PUsbLPM_U1, that is Fx3 exit back to U1, not working in U0 state. why?Is it a bug?

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No, it is not a bug. It goes to the U1 state when the host asks to do so. The host is just being power conscious. You could prevent FX3 from going to the U1 state by using the CyU3PUsbLPMDisable() API. But, use this API only when you have data to sent. 

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