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Pre-programming SPI flash for FX3 | Cypress Semiconductor

Pre-programming SPI flash for FX3

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I was wondering if there was a method of creating a hex file that can be used to pre-program the SPI flash used for the FX3 with a programmer before hand?

We prefer this method as the process is more controlled and more efficient when the design enters full production.

As of right now, the only method I can see is through the control center, but we would like to pre-program them before the memory ICs are placed on the PCB.




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 Hi  Mike,


You can just rename the extension of generated Image file (.img file) as .hex, because the  binary inside isn't affected. You can just program that hex into SPI Flash using any flash programmer software that you have.

The control center does do anything to the content of the image file or add anything to it. So, you can simply convert the image file inot hex file by renaming and program it.


- Madhu Sudhan

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