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Is possible to simulator SPI slave | Cypress Semiconductor

Is possible to simulator SPI slave

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can i use GPIO to simulator SPI slave

i use GPIO[50] and GPIO[51] to get C8051F380 SPI master CLK and DAT

just only get two signal than use GPIO[52] and GPIO[57] to output the same signal.

but when i get CLK at 0us, i output the CLK' at 17us later.

how can i set this more fast.



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 I'm not sure how you samle the clock and then latch the data. You can try setting up an interrupt on the CLK line and in the GPIO callback, just read the value of the DAT pin and shift it into some variable.


You can also try doing the loopback in the same callback. And directly manipulate the registers to read/write to GPIOs for faster accesses.

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