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Performance issue

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While implementing  a Windows 7 application to read data from IN endpoints I started by following closely “the letter of the law” and looped the CyAPI XferData call to the driver with a buffer length and length according to the documentation namely 512 bytes for high speed and 1024 for super speed. This resulted in very poor performance, as I was missing data. Next I decided to see if I used for the aforementioned call bigger buffer length, which immediately improved performance. However, the upper limit I hit was 32K size buffers, which is really good but for the fact that I still miss some data in between XferData calls. I would appreciate anybody on the forum that may have a solution for me, even if it means making changes to the device driver to handle much bigger buffer transfers.

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 Please checkout the way streamer application is implemented. You can find it in the following path after Suite USB installation: C:\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\CyAPI\examples\Streamer


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