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pending error

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Recently I am using usb3.0 to transfer data of my camera. I always get the pending error at PC. I write some data to FX3 first, then FX3 get the data and set an I/O pin to low to reset fpga. Then I ask for 32 *8192 image data from bulk-in endpoint. But after the fpga reset it will delay another 10ms at first then it can write data to FX3. And finally I will get pending error at PC. The program function I use is BeginDataXfer/Waitfor..../Finish....  I set the parameter of waitforxfer function larger. But it doesn't work.

So I want ask how long will a pending error happened after I ask data at PC, if the data is not ready at FX3? And how to set this time.

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Did you try a timeout value of infinit ein WaitForXfer? Also, how are you understanding pending erro from the host? Do you have any USB trace that shows the same? Are you referring to the pakcet pending flag?




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