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PCB Fab House Question

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I am close to finishing a PCB design based around the CYUSB301X (EZ USB FX3) USB Controller. The package is a 121 pin, 0.8mm pitch BGA which needs vias with pabs about 10mils in diameter. I have never designed a PCB which required such small vias before.

Can someone recommend a PCB fabrication company in America that can produce prototype PCBs with very small vias? I usually use Sunstone or Silver Circuits but both of them can't get anywhere close to the via size I need.


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Cypress sells complete development kits which have been manufactured with a good working quality. Why not connecting Cypress and ask for some help (as long as the boards are not manufactured at Philippines) .

Best could be to create a MyCase: At top of this page: Support & Community -> Technical Support -> Create a MyCase



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 Thanks Bob. I will do exactly that. 

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Hi daharoni. Our company has been designing hardware products for many years. Perhaps we can offer some advice on this subject. We have been sourcing raw materials including bare PCBs offshore for a number of years to date with success. We are constantly prototyping and the complexity of our projects is increasing. Our FX3 PCB is a few weeks out but consider the following feedback:

To some PCB shops, your requirements may be considered to be standard while to others, a specialty PCB demanding higher fees. It will pay for you to shop around based on the same PCB specs and then sit back to note the price swings.

You could scout for some names from or similar website using the respective keywords.

From our experience...

We have used JETPCB.COM for a number of years and they run a nice and tight PCB prototyping shop out of Taiwan. Corporate name is All Wei PCB (Taipei). Have met them a number of times at Taitronics and large brand names including Maxim and others were on display at the show. Beautiful boards without any issues to date. Being in Taiwan, there is a small premium to be paid over mainland China PCB shops. JETPCB has a US office run by Frank Lin and the service is excellent if you are after a quick turnaround, even for a single PCB. For us, we find the online calculator to be hit or miss so best to email them and request the quote.

For volume PCBs, the best shop in China, from numerous feedback and from using their service is Shennan Circuit. They produce for their military in China. The last chat noted they can support upto 58 (believe it is even higher now) layers !! If they cannot build your board - good luck with anyone else ! However, there is a catch in that they demand high volume sales for any direct dealings. Instead, you can work with agents who do meet their requirements for such business in prototype or volume PCBs. A very close 2nd choice is Founder PCB who builds boards for Dell amongst others in China.

Both, Shennan and Founder PCBs can be sourced through the following supplier (broker) in Shenzhen:

Henry Gu

Green Partner Technology Group Ltd 

B1203-2,1ST Building,Longgang Tianan Cyber Park,

-No.441,Huangge Road,Longcheng Street,Longgang,Shenzhen,China


Tel: +86-755-26451937

Fax: +86-755-26067649



Note: These board suppliers will charge a higher startup (tooling) fee to get started on the PCB but the per piece fee for the PCB should be in line with other quality vendors. Most likely will still be a lower cost that US suppliers, at least is the case for our PCBs to date (4L-6L FR4; RoHS and Halogen Free). On this note, you should get into the habit of sourcing Halogen Free PCBs which is the next phase of the industry  (aka ROHS2 spec). The advanced board suppliers are able to support this request while many will not - ie. ROHS only is supported. We have tested both ROHS and Halogen Free PCBs from these vendors. One small concern to note is that Founder apparently will out source their work if they are overloaded to other qualified PCB shops. This did not suit us well in that we are paying Founder, we wish to work only with Founder. At least that is our position.


Moving on, a great PCB shop to also consider is Suntak PCB who will charge a lower start up fee + lower PCB costs but the lead time is commonly 3-4 weeks so keep this in mind. We have used Suntak for at least 2 years to date (20-30+ projects) with perfect results and nothing but the best support. They are located in Shenzhen as well but ship from Hong Kong due to their export status in China. We source only Halogen Free PCBs from this supplier.


 Hanky Lai

 Business Manager

Tel:  +86-755-26068047-264

 Skype:  Hanky.Lai


 Fax:  +86-755-26068008

 Suntak Website:


Avoid HASL as this will not lead to a long shelf life for soldering. Consider ENIG + hard gold plating. A good shop will be able to support gold plating INHOUSE rather than outsource. We have received boards which we could not solder to due to poor QC; contamination of the gold and/or process. These vendors are no longer used and not listed in this posting.


Due to our rather growing volume of prototypes, we are on the hunt for a lower cost yet high quality list of PCB shops. We have not yet tested but have met with QDI in China who has a solid reputation. One vendor we tested recently with excellent results is:


Changsheng Industry Co. LTD
Tel:    0086-755-29668356
 Fax:   0086-755-29668355


A 4L PCB with LPI solder mask (Glossy green); Halogen Free PCB; hard gold plating on PCI fingers; single sided white silk screen ran us $ 419 USD with shipping to our location in Canada. An excellent deal considering about $ 120 USD was for tooling. Start to receipt of PCBs was just under 2 weeks (due to us tweaking our own silk screen which delayed the order by 3 days). We will use this supplier again. BTW - we received some sample PCBs for inspection and one of the names on the PCB is a large memory mfr (S***ISK) so we know we are in good company (some test jig PCB of some sort). You may be interested to know that we share the same plotfiles between 6+ PCB vendors and found the charges had a wild swing upto $ 950 USD for the same spec; same project. Silly that the costs are so different. The highest vendor noted that their speciality is not in prototyping but rather in high volume - then why did they pitch this service ???


Keep in mind that China is on a common holiday till sometime next week. However, it will be wise for you to consider sourcing from one or more of the above suppliers. Be sure to request that they have UL certification (prove it!); ISO certified; apply these details onto your PCB for traceability + "94V0".


Most likely you are panelizing your PCB layout which is a must to allow for automated equipment to assemble the PCB. If you need a quality stencil shop - the best we found is - they build stencils for the Asus, Gigabyte, Intel and many others (including for us :). Perfect stencils, all the time. For us, we pay $ 150 USD (F.O.B. Shenzhen) for a 29" x 29" stencil.


Post back if you need additional details.


Hope this helps.

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 Hi Daharoni,


                        Have you already created tech support case? If not, please contact me( for the PCB manufacturer details.



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