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Parallel (RAW) to USB Video conversion

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I have developed an FPGA based Infrared Imaging system. The FPGA drives the sensor and reconstructs a 720p format video from the data captured from the sensor. I can generate the 8 or 10 bit raw data, Syncs(and blanking).

I now want to be able to convert this 720p video  into a USB video format.  I purchased the FX3 Super speed EZ kit  and a HSMC interface board to connect with my FPGA development kit.

I perused the AN75779 application note and have a few questions:

1.  The AN75779 application is tailored for the Aptina MT9M114 image sensor. If I can get my timing signals(syncs and pixel clocks) to match those of the Aptina sensor, will I simply be able to use the code in the application note?

2. If not, what modifications are required?  The SensorScaling_HD720p_30fps()  and SensorScaling_VGA() functions are primarily used for controlling the image sensor(correct me if I'm wrong). All I have is a video stream with 8 bit parallel data, FVAL, LVAL, Pixel Clock and DATAVALID signals. What else will be needed to read video stream from the FPGA? 

Thank you for your time and patience. This is my first ever project with FX3. Please do correct me if I'm missing something.





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If you are transmitting raw data from your FPGA, you may choose Slave Fifo interface instead of a standard image sensor interface (LV, FV etc.)

Please contact Cypress Tech Support to get example project on acquiring video data from FPGA via slave fifo interface,


- Madhu Sudhan

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Hi Thanks,

               I will create a Tech Support Case.  But I can also generate full HD(1280 by 720p) signal from the FPGA which I use for driving a display unit.  I'm wondering if I can as well make use of this existing video stream as I can route it to the GPIO interface on the FX3.  I can also  modify my data stream to suit the Aptina MTM9114 format (if the knowledge of this format can be  made available) 

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