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Only slave samples in GPIF II Designer? | Cypress Semiconductor

Only slave samples in GPIF II Designer?

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I see in the GPIF II designer instalation you prowide only slave samples... could you also prowide some GPIF master applications? particularly for control of sync SRAM's and FX3 as master.

Do you have also samples how to use the API functions CyU3PGpifWriteDataWords() and CyU3PGpifReadDataWords() with GPIF project?

Many thanks

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I would also like to see a sample on how to implement the CyU3PGpifWriteDataWords() and CyU3PGpifReadDataWords()  API functions.  I've attempted to add them to my firmware, but am a little confused about how to properly use the "uint32_t * buffer_p" parameter which is described as a "Pointer to buffer containing the data." or a "Buffer pointer into which the data should be read."  I have little experience with C programming and just need a little help.

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