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one producer two consumers

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    I have a board with an FX3 connected to an FPGA where the GPIF is the synchronous 2bit mode.and configure one producer(gpif),two consumers(endpoint1,endpoint2),what is the result?is it the same data sent to host through endpont1and endpoint2?if not,how to transmit datas to two consumers?

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In this case, you need to use AUTO_ONE_TO_MANY or MANUAL_ONE_TO_MANY channel type.

Let say you are using EP1 IN and EP2 IN as consumers and also assume that GPIF II has four buffers of data (buffer 0, 1, 2, 3) to send it to USB host. Then the buffers received on EP1 IN will be of the fashion: Buffer 0, Buffer 2 and so on. Buffers received on EP2 IN will of the fashion: Buffer 1, Buffer 3 and so on.


If you need same data on both EP1 IN and EP2 IN then you need to go for MULTICAST channel.



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