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Modifying the HX3 firmware | Cypress Semiconductor

Modifying the HX3 firmware

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Hi there,

We are currently using the FX3 reference design and like it very much as a device.

Another product of ours calls for a hub functionality, so that means we should use the HX3 for that (are there other Cypress options?).

We would like to modify the firmware on the HX3 so that we can:

1. change the routing of packets:

    a. e.g. a packet destined to port 1, send it to port 3 instead,

    b. dump packets, based on their contents (e.g. packets sent from a device to our "hub").

2. report device connect/disconnect (on the status change endpoint).


Is it possible to do that with the HX3?

What SDK do I use for that?


BTW: I understand there are 16KB RAM on the HX3 boards. It does not include the USB buffers, right?

If so, how big are the HW buffers on those reference boards?




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Hx3 might not be able to change the routing like that.

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Thanks for your reply.

Do you know if there is any other Cypress hub reference board that can have software control of the data packets?

Thank again

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