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Modify code size in fx3.ld file

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I am working on FX3 firmware, my firmware size about 200KB is bigger than the default 180KB in fx3.ld, I changed the fx3.ld file as attached:

SYS_MEM : ORIGIN = 0x40003000 LENGTH = 0x3D000
DATA : ORIGIN = 0x40040000 LENGTH = 0x8000

Also I changed the RTOS heap area in cyfxtx.c

#define CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_BASE ((uint8_t *)0x40040000/*0x40038000*/)
#define CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_SIZE (0x8000)

Compiler PASS, but PC host can't build the connection with FX3. If I reduced the file size and used the defualt fx3.ld, everything works normally.

What is my problem and how to fix it? Thank you!


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Hi Yi,


I think you should change the MEM_HEAP_BASE in the cyfxtx.c file not as you wrote


#define CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_BASE ((uint8_t *)0x40040000/*0x40038000*/)
#define CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_SIZE (0x8000)


because you are using 0x10000 more so you should use 0x40048000 instead of 0x40040000 like


#define CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_BASE ((uint8_t *)0x40048000/*0x40038000*/)
#define CY_U3P_MEM_HEAP_SIZE (0x8000)




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 Hi all,

Can you please kindly advise how to check the firmware size or the memory allocation?

Is there a report file?


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The physical size of the .img file itself give you the size of the image.

You can just look at the properties of the .img file.


sai krishna.

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Hi sai krishna,

Thanks a lot! 

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 Why did you have to change the heap size, could you just change the code size in the fx3.ld file and the script would recalculated the heap for you.

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