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linux: FX3 firmware, repeated download fails | Cypress Semiconductor

linux: FX3 firmware, repeated download fails

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Hello all!

I have got a new custom hardware with FX3 assembled in order to connect an FPGA to a host computer via USB3. Now I'm learning how to program FX3 properly. I succeeded in building a slight modification of cyfxbulklpauto example and can download it to FX3 via cyusb_linux.
After that I can successfully observe FX3 echoing the data and device is re-enumerated as 04b4:00f0 instead of 04b4:00f3.

If i try to re-download the same firmware file in the same session of cyusb_linux, I get the message "Error in Download".

A restart of cyusb_linux is also not possible, I get then this eror message on command line

Error in opening device
Error opening library

Restarting the device makes it appear twice in lsusb:
Bus 001 Device 006: ID 04b4:00f3 Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
Bus 009 Device 002: ID 04b4:00f0 Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

So, if I reconnect the FX3 (with or without its power down in between), two Cypress devices are listed: the disconnected one is still visible. cyusb_linux still fails to start until I reboot the computer. Then however I am again able to download the (same) firmware, but also only once.

Do I do something wrong? Is there a way to reprogram FX3 without a reboot?

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Hello again!

If that can bring some insight, the FX3 is hardwired to boot from USB and I load the firmware directly into the RAM.
Is it possible that after renumeration, FX3 is not capable of downloading the firmware anymore? But why cant I then access the device after a power-off or hard reset?

Do I need any precautions in the firmware programming to enable reprogramming after renumeration?

Thanks a lot in advance for the answers

Best regards

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