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Linker includes a lot of dead code from API library | Cypress Semiconductor

Linker includes a lot of dead code from API library

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Could you consider splitting API library sources into smaller units, preferably every function into separate file/module. This will give a chance for linker to include only the code that is mandatory for application.
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 I doubt that linker adds code as files, it adds them as functions. Anyways please create a tech support case so that this can be discussed properly and in detail.



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GCC can be instructed to remove unused functions and data elements from the final executable. You should make sure to include --gc-sections in your linker flags, and -ffunction-sections and -fdata-sections in the compiler flags. All three of these are checkboxes in the Eclipse C/C++ Build properties for the project. (-ffunction-sections and -fdata-sections under Settings/Tool Settings/ARM Sourcery Windows GCC C compiler/Optimization, and --gc-sections under ARM Sourcery Windows GCC Linker/General).

I do not know of a way to strip anything further out of the closed-source .a file supplied by Cypress.

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