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Leader and Trailer Packet

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I use the slavefifosync example to stream data from the GPIF to a Bulk_IN endpoint.

The streamed data has to look like follows:

leader-packet ; GPIF-data-packets ; trailer-packet

leader-packet and trailer-packet must use one transfer each.

leader-packet and trailer-packet containing only status information.

So the header/footer mechanism of the dma-channel will not work for me.

GPIF-data can be multiblte transfers.


How can I add the leader-packet/trailer-packet to a   CY_U3P_DMA_TYPE_MANUAL channel ?

How can i achieve such a streaming layout?

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You can use the CyU3PDmaChannelSetupSendBuffer for the same. You may refer MSC example from FX3 SDK to understand the usage of the same.




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