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LD_DATA_COUNT + CyU3PGpifInitDataCounter()

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In AN87216 "Designing a GPIF™ II Master Interface" GPIF data counter is set both from the code by calling to CyU3PGpifInitDataCounter() and in GPIF design using LD_DATA_COUNT action. Which one of them will work during data transfers? I mean what value will be loaded to data counter, the one specified in the code (depends on USB speed) or specified in GPIF design (fixed value). Thank you.

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CyU3PGpifLoad() function in the firmware is responsible for loading all the GPIF registers with the configuration settings you gave in the GPIF design tool including for LD_DATA_COUNT. However, if you call CyU3PGpifInitDataCounter() anytime after CyU3PGpifLoad(), the registers are overwritten and old settings are replaced by ones specified in the API.

To answer your question, in the App note AN87216, count settings given by CyU3PGpifInitDataCounter() will be used. If you use CyU3PGpifInitDataCounter() multiple times in the code with different count settings, the settings assigned by last API call will be used.


Mudabir Kabir


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