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I2S firmware

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Hello, all,

Our group still decided to use the I2S to transfer small command packets  from PC to FPGA, though I got recommendation for I2C from Mr. Sai Krishna. Any firmware example, self-written codes, related information or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Lehua Chen
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Hi  Lehua Chen,

Please install the latest SDK (1.1.1) which is there in the below mentioned path:

Installing the MSI will require uninstall of the previous SDK (and maybe the Eclipse and ARM GCC as well if they used the full installer previously). If this is not acceptable, all of the files in the release can be obtained from the ZIP file below:

There is an example on I2S. (C:\Cypress\FX3 SDK\firmware\serialif_examples\cyfxusbi2sdmamode)


sai krishna.

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