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I want much 'FW_TRG'. | Cypress Semiconductor

I want much 'FW_TRG'.

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Hi all,


I think 'FW_TRG' is very convenient.

But' there is only one of FW_TRG'.

When there are other ways to control from firmwares like 'FW_TRG', please tell me.


I'm sorry.
This English is machine translation.


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FW_TRG action triggeres a state machine transition when you call the CyU3PGpifControlSWInput API from the firmware. Apart from this. the other ways to control GPIF State machine using the firmwares are documented in the GPIF Specfic APIs in FX3 API Guide in section 5.19.4 (FX3 API guide (SDK version 1.3.3))


- Madhu Sudhan


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I was described as follows.

Please tell me if I'm wrong, or if you have a better way.


apiRetStatus = CyU3PGpifSMSwitch(INTR, END1, END2, ALPHA_END, 1000);


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