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How to generate the interface clock in FX3? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to generate the interface clock in FX3?

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 Hi, in my project, it't not easy to generate the PCLK in FPGA , but how can I generate it in FX3?

Thanks a lot.

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You would need to set the clock setting in GPIFII Designer to "Internal".

And in firmware, you need to set the parameters of CyU3PPibClock_t structure and pass it in the CyU3PPibInit() API.




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 Hello Luchang,


Please follow the steps mentioned by Shashank to generate PCLK by FX3.

Please make sure that the frequency division factor is adjusted such a way that the PCLK will not exceed 100MHz.




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Hey there, 


Any one know any simple way to display the pclk frequency via the debugger? I'm finding difficulty in displaying the GPIO[16] freq. 




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If the PCLK is supplied by an external processor to FX3, you cannot display the same's frequency via a Debugger.


- Madhu Sudhan

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