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how to coding or configure CCG1/2 | Cypress Semiconductor

how to coding or configure CCG1/2

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  I was noted that "currently the source code for CCG2 is not available to the customers. We have plans to make Software Development Kit (SDK) available to the customers from February 2016 which will enable the you to develop your own code."

  I am wondering why our customers like  can configure the CCG1/2 on their PD charger control board. This board can send CC command to the PD charger to change its output voltage when one some button on the board is clicked.



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Configuration is currently possible with the current implementation. 

Cypress has a utility to configure the CC devices. the details are available in the link:

this year Cypress will roll out an SDK which customers can write their custom firmware along with CC functionality.

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Hello together,

I am currently trying to do some modifications on a CCG2 controller CYPD2105.

I have some questions. Can you give me some support, Ajai?


Greetings from Germany



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