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How to boot from eeprom? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to boot from eeprom?

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  I use 4 eeproms to connect to FX3,and their model is 24LC1025,what should i do to let the fx3 boot from eeprom?I know the pmode should set 1zz,but i do not know how to change binary image header file and how to change the speed of the eeprom,and how to set the capacity of the eeprom?

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Please refer the FX3 Boot Options Application note for detaills:

Please refer section 5 "I 2C EEPROM Boot " for details. 

It also has the details on the boot image format. 

(I would recommend you to set the PMODE to i2c with USB Fall back, so that it will be easy to upgrade the firmware on I2C EEPROM)


- Madhu Sudhan

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