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Has anyone used a breakout board on the Samtec connector? | Cypress Semiconductor

Has anyone used a breakout board on the Samtec connector?

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Has anyone used a breakout board on the Devel Kit Samtec connector?  It looks

like Zebax may have one that works, any experience with it?




John P



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I went that route a few months back. The ZX102 adapter presents it's breakout pins in an unfortunate mechanical arrangement. I also tried using the ZAX104 with the Mictor connector. I had to create another adaptor board to connect to an FPGA board. It was a lot of work and cost way more than the FX3 DVK. I've abadoned it for the Arrow/Nuvation boards. That's a whole 'nuther story... but I have managed to sort out the documentation errors and implement an ALTERA FPGA design with good results, 350+ MB/s in both directions. ... Now if I could just convincingly pretend to be a Windows programmer.....

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Used few of the Samtec, ZX100 and ZX103 modules for debugging and pre-bringup test cases. Excellent boards for debugging. ZX104 is an ideal board for our test and debugging applications. Apparently Zebax is offering new modules with different headers - 0.15” pitch - that might be attractive to work with… Overall, very happy with Zebax breakout adapters.
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I just designed one and it's out for fab right now.  It takes the Samtec connector and breaks it out to a handful of 0.1" headers, each labeled and with signal-ground pinning (i.e. even pins are signals, odd are ground).  I also added provision to bolt the breakout on to the dev board so as not to stress the Samtec connector.  If there's any interest, I'll look into building up a batch.

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