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GPIO minimum current

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I've been looking a lot to datasheets and cypress forums lately and i never seen specification for GPIO input.

I want to know what is the minimum and maximum voltage and current to consider an input HIGH and LOW.

I am working with a PIR motion sensor from Paralax. the only way i was able to make the output to high is with the 3.3V from the board wich is really 3.1V and 54.57mA. my PIR sensor output 0.7mA. I wanted to know if this is possible to directly connect it without a transistor because i find 54.57mA really high for an gpio input. I'am testing on pin 53 to 56 of the devboard.

I am working with Cypress EZ-USB® FX3™ SuperSpeed Explorer Kit. 


Thank you

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From CYUSB3014 datasheet:

the input high is 0.65*VC,

the input low is 0.25* VCC,

the maxim input current is 1uA.

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