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GPIFII designer issue

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I found that sometimes the waveform generated by GPIFII designer can't work properly, after I changed the state machine and input/output signals many times, the SM is stuck at a certain state (I can check this by EP0 request). However, if I create a new project and "copy" the signal configure and state machine, then the generated waveform can work properly.

And sometimes the designer can't simulate the waveform correctly, by reporting transition errors, but the waveform can work properly.

Is there any updated version of this tool?


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 Hi Rover,

GPIF II Designer 1.0.1 is the latest one. 

Please let me know the version that you are using. I will test with the same version here.


sai krishna.


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Hi Sai,


I'm using version 1.0. The only difference between new and old project is the state id order.




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