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GPIF consumer

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I  am trying to setup a DMA channel where the CPU is the producer and the GPIF is the consumer.  I would like to pre load maybe 8 buffers of data then let the channel send them to the GPIF repeatedly.  I can make what i want work if i set the channel to manual out and use the callback to commit the data but that is not as fast as I like.  I tried but can not setup the channel auto without an API error, is there a way around I haven't thought of?



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As I cannot see you project, I cannot exactly point out where you went wrong. But, if you have the FX3 SDK, you can go though the USBBULKSource Sink firmware. In this, we have a channel from CPU to USB, you need to change it to CPU to P-Port/GPIF.  The example works at really good data rate, which you can check using streamer. After that you need to add a GPIF hearder and initialize and initiate the GPIF machine. For GPIF header, you need to prepare a GPIF project with a clock and the signal lines and the flags if you need. Please just refer to the way we are creating some data at the CPU and sending it out to the USB. You need to copy this in your project and change the USB socket to GPIF socket

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