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fxe usb controller with usb3 vision | Cypress Semiconductor

fxe usb controller with usb3 vision

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We wanted to implement USB 3 vision protocol in Fx3 controller . is it possible to implement USB3 GENI Cam and USB 3 streaming protocol in FX3 controller .


Basically it is standardised packet rapper around basick USB3 packets but adstract in link layer. we will be using nuew Huanor's FX3 with FPGA based developer kit for this experiment.

Could you please let us know starting point for the same .

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I think you're talking about USB3 Vision since GenICam hasn't to do anything with the communication-protocol on wire (for which the FX3 is used for).
Since USB3 Vision is a kind of transport-layer on top of USB-protocol it's just a matter of implementation on FX3.
So of course it is possible to use FX3 for that.


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