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FX3/UVC/Linux/OpenCV ??

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Hi all,

I am using FX3 UVC.

Question: Is FX3 UVC driver compatible with OpenCV on Linux OS?

In application note(AN75779), contents about V4L2 exist. But I want to know whether OpenCV does or not.


Various Host applications allow you to display and capture video from a UVC device. The VLC Media Player is a
popular choice. Another widely used Windows application is AMCap. We recommend AMCap Version 8.0 because it
has demonstrated stability when streaming, whereas later versions of AMCap can slow down stream rendering. Two
additional Windows apps are VirtualDub (an open-source application) and Debut Video Capture software. Linux
systems can use the V4L2 driver and VLC Media Player to stream video. The VLC Media Player is available on the
web. Mac platforms can use FaceTime, iChat, Photo Booth, and Debut Video Capture software to create an interface
with the UVC device to stream video.   (Page 57 in AN75779)


Please response about that.

Regards, thank you.


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The UVC drivers are standard. If OpenCV support UVC standards of commination, then yes it is compatible with the FX3 recieved images. Please note that the role of FX3 here is to tranmit the parallel image data to the host-PC as per the UVC specific protcol.  

Are you taking about FX3 firmware? If yes, then yes, the firmware once programmed in the device flash, can we used to stream the images in Windows or Linux with standard UVC protocol. 

>>QtCam from E-Con system is a good choice for Linux platform. 

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Hi Nishant,

Thank you for response.

I solved the problem.
Firmware code:
In ProcessingUnit, I modified the number of bytes of communication(between PC and FX3) from 1 to 2.
So OpenCV's error message does not appear. And Get/Set action do well.

I think OpenCV's property differs from FX3 UVC property a little.

Regards, thank you.


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