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FX3_SDK_Linux_v1.3.3 build problems | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3_SDK_Linux_v1.3.3 build problems

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I have a FX3 project that builds fine using FX3_SDK_Windows_v1.3.3 (Windows7, ezUsbSuite). I wanted to move it under Linux and I have installed FX3_SDK_Linux_v1.3.3 (Ubuntu12.04, ezUsbSuite)

First, automatically generated makefile does not set target properly and I have to modify it manually. Second, suite cannot link libraries even after I have added lib names and lib path exclusively.

Does anybody have similar issues transitioning FX3 Windows projects to Linux? Are there special steps to do this?


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When you try to import the example projects in the linux system, do you face similar issues? If not, this should be a problem. How exactly are you porting the project


- Madhu Sudhan

Hi Madhu,

I do not import any samples and I expect that the way I am porting project is causing issues. That is why I am asking about particular steps to port.

What I am doing is: modifying compiler, include, lib paths to make sure all includes are visible. I did not change project or cproject files. 

I will appreciate any help.


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