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FX3 without extern CLKIN32 ?? | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 without extern CLKIN32 ??

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 My FX3 only enumerate on USB Bus with external 32Khz Clock. Without Clock.. Nothing happens !?

PS: I build my own Testboard and all Pins are connected.



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Which version of the SDK are you using? The Beta2 firmwares should work irrespective of the watchdog timer.

Please check on this.



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Hi and thanks for answer  !

I have checked my PCB and all is fine. So I think, without CLKIN32, there is no way to enumerate on USB 2.0 Bus.
BEFORE i uploaded a RAM File to FX3 and first connect to Bus !  After this, i can configure it, but the first time ?
(I don't want to use a external 32Khz Clock ! )

With Clk32 all Applications works fine.

Best Regards


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