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FX3 throughput

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Dear Sir, 

I know the clk of GPIF is 100Mhz,so the best performance is 3.2Gbs(32bit), But I read AN86947,which is a paper for optimizing the throughput of FX3,  

In page 5, 

Table 2. Performance Summary Results

Transfer       Burst length No. of packets Buffer size (KB) No. of buffers Throughput(KB/s)
Isochronous       16           3           48          2         382,700
Bulk            16           NA           48          2         454,300
Interrupt         3            1           3           1         23,900

The throughput of bulk is 454,300 KB, which is faster than 400M byte per second!

So, Which is correct? please see the attached file,an86947_Optimizing_USB_3_EZ_USB_FX3.pdf







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The Bulk theroghput mentioned in that firmware does not involve the GPIF interface., The data is generated on the DMA of FX3 and is sent over USB. So we get a high throughput.

If the data is transfer is done from the GPIF Interface to USB, the throuput cannot exceed 3.2Gbs


- Madhu Sudhan

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