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FX3 Slave FIFO : max | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 Slave FIFO : max

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Into my system, I need to use slave Fifo to send data through Isochrone endpoints. So I need to know the max data flow I can reach with the FX3.

Theorically, I can Declare 16 Isochrone Endpoint, and three 1kB packets per microtrame. What is the configuration I can configure on the FX3 to reach the maximum data flow ?


Thanks for your help




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Our performance from Slave FIFO <-> USB3 would be around 320 MB/s once the USB host performance improves.

Please look at page 16 of Theoretically you should be able to get 384MB/s with single iso endpoint. 

So can you please paint your requirement and choice of 16 iso endpoint a little better so that we can understand the scenario better.



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