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FX3 SDK gcc/make conflict with over toolchains | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 SDK gcc/make conflict with over toolchains

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Have recenlty install arm base toolchain  on my systems and discovred fx3 sdk  do conflict

During install you change window global environment variable path and apend your install directory (as jre that is by way no here?)

When runing over eclipse-based  arm developemnt these conflict ofen it used 1st arm-none-eabi-gcc  in path that is yours :(

Same do occur for cs-make

It's woudl be better not to set path and use alternate solution , Further more you do also set an extre variable %FX3_INSTALL_PATH% that you already partulay in eclpe to cconfigure a few things

I did  perosnlay removed  all fx3 ref in path and  fixed teh sesktop shortut that i used always

Modify the start desktop target to

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /C "path=%path%;%FX3_INSTALL_PATH%bin\&start ezUsbSuite.exe"

Aternatively you could start a batch that does the same and use  that instead of ezUsbSuite.exe "

last possibility is to use eclipse  c/c++ build envirmoment and add  PATH ${FX3_INSTALL_PATH}/bin 

that last one is per project so tought to fix all samples.


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