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FX3 RTOS Error handle appears when I call my function | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 RTOS Error handle appears when I call my function

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I failed called a user-defined functions in the Callback function to handle the USB vendor requests and an RTOS error handler appeared.

The user-defined functions used to handle the i2c and GPIO and was successful run in other place like main(),sys_init()
My thread stack size was changed to 8192KB but not help.
Please help!


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 Do you not see this error when you do not call your functions in the vendor command handling code?

Can you share your code here? We can try to replicate it here and check.

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Putting the return values through UART interface is vital. You can zero in on the issue as there are wide range of error codes available. 

Considering your situation I feel you have issues related to variables' scope which you pass to those functions. Also make sure you know the areas where error handlers for RTOS are placed in your code. 

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