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FX3 GPIF threads

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I have two fx3 in communication in GPIF port.

One is in master state machine, base on master given on GPIF designer and we had a third thread.

the other on slave state machine. identically to sync slave fifo 2bit

FX3 master has 2 threads which push data to FX3 slave reading Thread (only one thread).

FX3 master thread configuration:  - dma channel thread 2 : CPU -> PPORT (consumer) in manual out. buffer size 512, buffer count 16.

                                                       - dma channel thread 1 : USB -> PPORT (consumer) auto chanel. buffer size 1024, buffer count 8.

                                                       - dma channel thread 0 : PPORT (producer) -> CPU manual in. buffer size 512, buffer count 16. 

FX3 slave thread configuration : - dma channel thread 0 : PPORT (producer) -> CPUbuffer size 1024 , count 3 CPU -> USB (manual), buffer size 1024 , count 4.

                                                     - dma channel thread 1: USB -> PPORT (consumer) auto, buffer size 512, count 8.

What I want to do is sending data from master to slave FX3.

FX3 master threads 1 and 2 send data to FX3 slave thread 0.

                                THREAD 1-----|

      FX3 master                                 | ------>  THREAD 0    FX3 slave

                               THREAD 2   ----|

I can actually make only working one by one but not both at the same time.

My state machine give the priority to thread 1.  :: IDLE -> THREAD1 -> THREAD2 -> goback to IDLE

So does any body aware on threading in GPIF Port to help me please?

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Yes. This can be implemented. The Thread Selection can be made in the GPIF Designer. For actions such as IN_DATA and DR_DATA you can go to the settings and select the corresponding thread.


- Madhu Sudhan


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Thank you for your answer sir!

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