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FX3 FLASH memory

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I would like to add a bigger flash memory with respect to the one already tested on the DVK (M25P40 4Mbit).

There will be any compatibility issues? I am going to use the (N25Q128A11EF840E 128Mbit (32Mx4)).


Thank you!

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 Hi Kaiyu,

You can use the one that you listed in your post.

You can use a SPI flash which supports the following commands:

SPI READ = 0x03

Page Program=0x02

Sector Erase =0xD8

Read Status Register=0x05

Write Enable=0x06




Sai Krishna.

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 Thank you both for the reply!

@Shashank: I need to put firmwares for FPGA, so I just need to be able to write it. It should not be a problem right?


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Please try to use a 32Mbit SPI flash at most.

We have qualified/tested the device only for this SPI flash size, as mentioned here:

We cannot guarantee proper behaviour with higher flash sizes.



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