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FX3 firmware framework source code

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Will all source code be provided for the FX3 firmware framework? That is, if I build a product around the FX3 using the firmware framework, will I have source code to all code in my FX3 firmware? I watched the FX3 technology overview video, and it appears that source code will not be included for some firmware framework components, such as the RTOS.

If some source code in the firmware framework is missing, can I build firmware for the FX3 using only the provided source code, that is, without using any component for which no source code is provided?

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A complete source code is not included with the FX3 SDK as you understood correctly. We enable API calls to the various registers in FX3 and with the help of the example projects that are included in the SDK, you should be able to build your application using FX3. Please feel free to use the forum or contact Cypress technical support if you run into any specific issue during the design phase.


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