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FX3 Bulkloop + USBBulkLoopManualInOut not working in USB 3.0 | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 Bulkloop + USBBulkLoopManualInOut not working in USB 3.0

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I tested the FX3 SuperExplorer Kit with the firmware from the example USBBulkLoopManualInOut and the Bulkloop application and it works fine in USB 2.0, but not in USB 3.0 (it is very slow and there are failures during the process). Is there any reason why this doesn't work on USB 3.0 (Windows 7 pro 64-bit)?


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I suppose you are using Cypress default "USBBulkLoopManualInOut" firmware (without any modification). Is so, it is supposed to work. What failures do you observe? Is it the error message in the "bulkloop" application? The bulkloop applicaiton, will send some data to the USB device, ask for some data and compare them (to see that the received data is equal to the sent data). One way to test and identify the error can be be use Cypress streamer (cpp)  application. This application can be used to see the throughput and the data (after checking the check box in the bottom).   Streamer application can be found after installing the FX3 SDK:   C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\application\cpp\streamer\x86\Release

Please note that you will have to run two instances of streamer ( to stream in and one to stream data out)  simultaneously. If you still see any error, you can go ahead and raise a support case.


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There is a chance that the PC forces FX3 to go into low power mode.

Can you please add the API in the firmware:


You need to add this API after CyU3PConnectState API


-Madhu Sudhan

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Thank you both for the replies,

I solved the problem using CyU3PUsbLPMDisable();

I tested using the Streamer and the Bulkloop application and it worked great.


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