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FX3 Be an USB Flash Disk | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 Be an USB Flash Disk

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Hello,we had buy an CYUSB3KET-003 Demo, and try to use it for an usb device;But,It seem hard to find the fireware

example about USB Device.

Can I simulate USB Flash Disk with CYUSB3KET-003 ?

Have any fireware example that we can do this simulation ?

How can I do it ? 


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Cypress Employee
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Please note that the part number in then CYUBS3KIT-003 is CYUSB3014 which does not have the SDIO lines to support SD/EmmC devices. So mass storage might not be implemented using this. The CYUSB3035 (FX3S) part number has this feature and you can use the DVK from our design partner Pactron for this purpose.


- Madhu Sudhan



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Hi Madhu,

     I mean to use ARM926 as an flash, and didn't connect to other SD/eMMC.We didn't need much memory,and just used it for Test Tools.

Thanks & Best regards 


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   I also have the same demands and meet the same question, we can communicate with each other.

   My Wechat number: ermali

   Thanks & Best regards 


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