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FX-3 Device Class?

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I am having trouble figuring out the following things with FX-3 super speed explorer kit.  I would like to use my FX-3 to stream data in and send it to a computer that has a mass storage device attached to it using SSD SATA III.  I would like to store the data in the storage device.  In order to do that what kind of USB device class would I be able to make the FX-3 use?  

Any related information on this topic would also be greatly apprieciated. 


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What is the Fx3 interfaced to on the parallel port side?

If I understand right, data is being generated by some external chip that is interfaced to the Fx3's parallel port and you need to transfer this to the PC and then transfer it further into a mass storage device connected to the PC. Is this correct?

You could just enumerate the Fx3 as a vendor class device and transfer the data to a custom-developed host application.

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