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FPGA SlaveFifo problems

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   I use AN65974 to communicate FPGA with USB3014 . 

GPIF parameter :

 sync slavefifo 、32bit、flaga is current_thread_dma_ready ,i have a counter about write data number,so i do not use flagb.


buffer size = 16384bytes  ,DMA Count = 8(p to u)


I read data from FIFO(fpga),then  write data to usb3014 fifo.


But I have some problems :

1.when i use "USB Control Center " ,click "transfer data-in",i can receive right data without PIB ERROR.

2.But when i use "C++ streamer", click "start",i will see "CYU3P_PIB_ERR_THR0_WR_OVERRUN " in UART GUI.

i want to know why .


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The waveforms look fine. when you use the control center, if you repeateldy press the "Trasnsfer Data IN" button, do you get this error?

I recommend you to create a Tech Support Case for this.


- Madhu Sudhan

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