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Forcing a Short Packet using GPIF Master | Cypress Semiconductor

Forcing a Short Packet using GPIF Master

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I am using the GPIF Master example from  I have it working nicely in USB2 for normal MaxPacket Length packets.  If I want the DMA/State Machine to send a short IN packet what should I do?  I know before hand when the FPGA connected to the GPIF bus will just send a single word to the Cypress and at this point I need to make sure the USB Controller just takes this single word and sends it back as an 4 Byte Short IN Packet going to the PC. 


Or could I use a Cypress input from the FPGA to "force" the Cypress to send a short packet with the data it has its buffer?



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 Hi Ken,

The application note that you referred above handles short packets as well.

Were you seeing some issue when you are transferring short packets?.

Please let me know the extact problem so that I can help you in solving that.


Sai Krishna.

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