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EZ-USB FX3 Bootloader Driver | Cypress Semiconductor

EZ-USB FX3 Bootloader Driver

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Hi all,

I have observed that the FX3 driver installed with SDK is not completely having the driver for "Cypress USB BootLoader" the default bootloader running with FX3 with VendorID="04B4" and ProductID="00BC" . I have opened the driver "cyusb.inf" file present inside the driver folder of FX3 SDK installation location, I did see that the PID of Bootloader is mapped to "00F3". If this value is "BC" instead of "F3", device is detected properly. So,  Please let me know if there is cypress signed driver with BootLoader assigned to "00BC" or any other suggesstions for solving this issue is also welcome.




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 Hi Gokul,

You can manually bind that to the Driver.

For more details :


- Madhu Sudhan

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