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Error compiling examples EZ USB Suite | Cypress Semiconductor

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Error compiling examples EZ USB Suite

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I'm new in the FX3 platform. I'm thinking about purchasing the FX3 Super Speed Explorer Kit. But First I'm trying to study all the documentation.

I want to develop a UVC with an Aptina (On Semiconductor CMOS Sensor) with parallel interface. I know there is an example with another aptina sensor but first of all I'm going to try to study the example and I would like to check how is the support.

I've followed the Application Note: AN75705_Getting_Started_with_EZ-USB_FX3.pdf after installing the Cypress EZ USB Suite and to import the Cypress SDK firmware folder but when I open the files from the project suddenly appears a lot of errors. I attach an image with the errors.

Any suggestion to solve this problem?

Best regards.

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First: Please make sure that rest of the project are building properly (lets say: USBBULKLOOPAUTO). If again you are getting the errors, you can try to re-installing trying the method on AN75705. Also, please make sure that you are using SDK 1.3.3 

If rest of the firmware are builing fine (only AN75779 is not building fine), then please try the attached source. There might be some references to the libraries missing. I am attaching the source which should fine. 

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Hi Nishant,

I've followed the steps on the page 13/42 point 7 of the document: AN75705_Getting_Started_with_EZ-USB_FX3.pdf but I had the same problem. So I've deccided to download the examples one by one from the​ website and now compile perfectly and I don't have any error to open the source files.

Thank you for your sooner replay.

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