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Enumerate more devices that have same pID&vID | Cypress Semiconductor

Enumerate more devices that have same pID&vID

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 Hello everyone

Now i meet a problem.I have two (meybe more) boards connect to PC by usb3.0. I want to read/write data with a Application.If just one board I know how to do that.But now two board connect to PC ,and I want to control them at the same time .e.g my device vID= 0x0547&pID = 0x1002

When just one device ,Enumerate like follows and it works well.

int devices = USBDevice->DeviceCount();

int vID, pID;

int d = 0;

do {

USBDevice->Open(d); // Open automatically calls Close() if necessary

vID = USBDevice->VendorID;

pID = USBDevice->ProductID;


} while ((d < devices ) && (vID != 0x0547) && (pID != 0x1002)); 

but now it has two device and has the same pID&vID.How can I Enumerate them.Can you give me a example 

Best Regards


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Hi Ayi,

You can use serial number to distinguish the two different boards.

USBDevice->SerialNumber can be added to your condition checks to identify the devices differently.


sai krishna.

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