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Endpoint data DebugPrint

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I have merged the bulkloop and the i2c exemple together. When i EEPROM_WRITE i made those line of code so i can see what is being transfered to i2c which works fine.

                status  = CyU3PUsbGetEP0Data(wLength, glEp0Buffer, NULL);


                for(i=0;i<taille;i++) CyU3PDebugPrint (1, "%x",*(glEp0Buffer+i));

I made 7 endpoint (1 EP0 for I2C and 6 for bulkloop kind of tranfer) Now i want to see what is tranferred in the endpoint BULKLOOP by the debug interface. I conected 2 endpoints to 1 DMA socket 3 times. (i need all those EPs my API need it)

My goal here is to

-receive a structure of data from one endpoint which will be sent from the host. 

-Do what the data has to do (read eeprom, write eeprom, i2c communication, ect..)

-send informetion to the host

My biggest concern is that i cant see what is in those endpoints can anyone tell me the function to acces this memory.

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You can make the DMA Channels associated with the BullkLoop EndPoints as Manual. In a Manual Channel, you can actually print the data being transferred inside the call back function. Please refer USBBulklLoopManual example firmware.


- Madhu Sudhan

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